Hebei Kangyuan Islamic Food Co.,Ltd was founded in November 2004. It was located on the North Dong Road at Hui Ethnic Minority County in Chencun Qiu County. It has integrated the cultivating, slaughtering, processing, cold-storing, transporting and selling of livestock and poultry as well as the import and export of livestock and poultry. As a comprehensive, export-oriented and modern Islamic food enterprise, Kangyuan is the key leading enterprise in the agriculture industrialization management field in Hebei province.
    Qiu County is next to Jingjiu Speedway to the east, Jingshen Speedway to the west and located next to Qinglan Speedway. No.311 Provincial Speedway runs through the county from east to west. No.106 National Speedway and Daguang Speedway run across the county from the north to the south. Handan Airport, Shijiazhuang Airport, Zhengzhou Airport and Jinan Airport are located in the surrounding area of Qiu County. The distance between Qiu County and Tianjian port and Qingdao Port is merely 3-hour drive. Qiu County boasts convenient transportation and excellent geographical location. 98% of the people in Hui Ethnic Minority County in Chencun Qiu County are the believers of Islam. It boasts a blessed humane environment in developing beef and mutton business.

    Based on the enterprise spirit of “Concentric Governance, Realism and Innovation, Honesty and Sincerity, and Pursuit of Excellence”, the company follows the management principal of “Focusing on the livestock industry, conducting multi-line operation of poultry industry, concreting industrial chains, strengthening the inbound development and actively exploring international market”. Owing to the big support of all the parties from society and the government as well as the consistent efforts of the company staff, Kangyuan has been enjoying a continuous development.

    The annual amount of slaughtered sheep is 600 thousand, and the annual amount of slaughtered cows is 100 thousand. The annual productivity of Islamic beef and mutton is over 7,000 tons. The company boasts of two fresh-keeping storehouses with an acid discharge capacity of 50 tons, four deep-freezing storehouses (-35℃) with a freezing capacity of 50 tons, sixteen high-standard deep-freezing storehouse (-35℃) with a freezing capacity of 200 tons, five finished-product storehouses (-18℃) with a refrigeration capacity of 1,000 tons, and five high-standard refrigeration storehouses (-18℃) with a refrigeration capacity of 2,000 tons. Fresh and frozen beef and mutton have been sold to domestic cities and provinces such as Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Xinjiang, Zhengzhou Henan, Jinan Shandong and Qingdao Shandong. Also, its products have been exported to Islamic countries in the Middle East areas such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Iraq, UAE, Kuwait and Hongkong. As for the import business, the amount of annual imported beef and mutton from Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay and Brazil is over 10,000 tons, the number of which keeps increasing smoothly. The company has established a close cooperated relationship with branded beef and mutton suppliers around the globe and has become the largest brand supplier in China to provide Islamic beef and mutton.

    The Company consists of a comprehensive organizational structure and has established Administrative Department, Production Department, Sales Department, Supply Department Ministry of Supply and Security Department. In the field of quality control, the Company strictly follows the established standards in the international food industry and establishes “HACCP” quality control mechanism. During the management process, the Company has comprehensively implemented ISO9001 and IS22000 quality control systems and continued to improve its quality control system within the company. In 2009, the Company was given the “Top 100 Islamic Chinese Enterprises” award by Chinese Patriotic Islamic Association. In 2010, “KY” Frozen Mutton was awarded the “Famous Branded-Products in Hebei”. Also, Kangyuan is the “Vice-president Unit” in the Cattle Husbandry Association in Hebei and “Vice-president Unit” in Hebei Ethnic Minority Economic Development Promotion Association. The Company is recognized by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission as the “Appointed Manufacturers for the Production of Essential Commodities for the Ethnic Minorities in China”. In September 2011, Kangyuan was recognized as the “Enterprises in Good Faith in Hebei” and “Top 100 Excellent Cattle Husbandry Enterprises in Hebei”. In May 2012, the Company has repeatedly recognized as the “Key Leading Enterprise in the Agriculture Industrialization Management field in Hebei Province” and recognized by the National Commerce Department as the “National Appointed Storage Enterprise for Frozen Islamic Beef and Mutton”.
    Owing the impressive support of the local government, Qiu County Recycling Economy Industrial Zone was opened in August 2010. The Industrial Zone covers an area of 105 mu and establishes a duck slaughtering project with an annual slaughtering capacity of 30 million ducks. The daily amount of slaughtered ducks stands at 10,000, which provides jobs to 1,500 people and directly contributes to the welfare of 1,000 duck raisers  who raise 5,000 ducks each. With the signing of purchasing agreements with duck raisers, Kangyuan is able to promote the development of related industries such as cultivating, transporting, packaging, forage growing and service industry in the surrounding areas. The growth and development of Kangyuan have generated immense social and economic benefits.
    In May 2013, Kangyuan has founded a fine-breeding sheep cultivating exemplary base specialized in the improving, upgrading, promoting, standardized raising and livestock-fattening of fine-breeding sheep. The base covers an area of 300 mu. As soon as the project is completed, the annual productivity of fine-breeding sheep can reach 5,400 sheep and the annual productivity of quality fat sheep can reach 320,000 sheep.
    To better promote leapfrog development of the agriculture industrialization management, Kangyuan has actively explored the profit chain mechanism between the Company, the base and the farmers. It aims at establishing a close-knitted alliance that is able to shoulder risks and share benefits. Such practice will not only stabilize the Company base but also reduce the risk level for the farmers. Also, to better promote the healthy development of the livestock and poultry industry, Kangyuan has founded the animal forage oil factory and livestock & poultry forage manufacturing factory.
    As the famous saying goes,“When you hoist the sails to cross the sea, you will ride the winds and cleave the waves”. Kangyuan aims to construct a corporational management structure in the next three to five years that integrates together the scale livestock cultivating farm, the poultry breeding factory, the livestock & poultry cultivating farm, the poultry forage manufacturing factory, the poultry processing factory, the livestock slaughtering processing factory, the cold-chain logistic dispatching center and international trade department. The Company is expected to realize an integration of production specialization and distribution regionalization as well as a combination of trade, industry and agriculture in the industrialization management. Kangyuan aims to establish itself as the largest Islamic food manufacturing base and livestock & poultry import & export base within the country,
    Kangyuan Sincerely Welcomes Men of Insight at Home and Abroad to the Company for Further Visits, Discussions and Cooperation!
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